The Foundation exclusively follows aims of social utility and promotion of research, intervention and training activities in the field of clinical psychology and social care, addressing its work and providing its resources to the above mentioned activities and to the support of weaker social segments, women and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Heterosexual people (LGBTQIE).


During the year 2012/2013 the Foundation provided funds for the institution of fellowships aimed at supporting research activities in the field of clinical psychology and social care. Through a donation of 5.000€ to the Centre SInAPSi of the University of Naples Federico II, the Foundation contributed to a fellowship aimed at projecting, implementing and assessing interventions in the field of same-sex parenting and prevention of gender stigma within educational settings. Furthermore, through a donation of 12.000€, the Foundation contributed to the support of specific research activities carried out within the Psychological Unit of the Department of Neuroscience, Reproductive and Odonstomatological Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II.

Memorandum of Association of the Foundation:

27/07/2012, Naples, via Cintia. Parco San Paolo, at the Clinica Center.

Notary public:

Lezza Oliviero Notary Public in Naples with studio in via Matteo Schilizzi n. 16, registered at the Notarial College of the Reunited Districts of Naples, Torre Annunziata and Nola.

Registered office:

Via Santa Caterina Da Siena n. 15, Naples 80132

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