Genitori come altri

Oral contribution presented at the Study Day – “Parents like others and among others. A Study Day on Homogeneity” 12 May- at the LASS Department of the University of Parma Psychology Area

Homogeneity: sites and surroundings for and against

Theoretical framework

Homogeneity, as the anatomy of the new family, is addressed and represented socially not only through the media but also through the web.  Many sites appear to deal with this issue, either for or against.

Objectives and methodology

This work constitutes a pilot study aimed at exploring the social representation of homogeneity conveyed by the 20 or so sites on this topic. The methodology of content analysis was used to investigate the web.


A first analysis shows the presence of a majority of sites against homogeneity. These sites consider homogeneity as a non-natural form of family, anchored to social prejudices still strongly rooted in the Italian socio-cultural fabric.

Conclusions and application implications

Stereotypes and prejudices related to homogeneity clearly emerge from this first analysis. Such sites are often run by political forces and Catholic bodies. It seems desirable to convey correct information free of such ideological visions and to promote a culture of differences, aimed at enhancing through culture and science the peculiarities and resources of the various homoparental family configurations.